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Thu. Jun 9th 2016
Citizens' Fire Academy

Based on the great success of the Peachtree City Fire Rescue Citizen’s Fire Academy the department has decided to sched...

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Wed. Jul 8th 2015

 PEACHTREE CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT ISO RATING UPGRADED FROM 3 TO 1Change may help property owners save on insurance premium...

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Fri. Jan 3rd 2014
Fire - Rescue Announces Promotions and Staff Re-organization

Based upon the recommendations of the Matrix Operation and Efficiency Study of the Peachtree City Fire Department, the comman...

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Volunteer Firefighters Association announces plan to celebrate the

Fire Department's 50th Anniversary in 2016; 

Community Financial Support is Needed!!!

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Citizen's Fire Academy


We are now accepting applications for our next class.


The Peachtree City Fire - Rescue Department and Volunteer Firefighters' Association will hold the next Citizens Fire Academy to help acquaint residents with the services provided by the department and let them experience a little of what it’s like to be a firefighter. The academy will meet for five weeks on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m..

We are looking for citizens who would like to:

  • experience searching for a possible victim in full gear and zero visibility;
  • learn how to pump a fire apparatus and handle a fire hose;
  • acquire valuable fire safety and life saving techniques;
  • enjoy cutting up vehicles and fighting a fire;
  • or, even ride along on actual emergency calls if you desire

The program is free, but class size will be limited. 

More information and a printable application are available by following these links.



Outdoor burning in Peachtree City requires a permit that is only valid on the day it is requested.  To request a permit, follow this link.

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Georgia's Burn Ban starts again May 1st


Wed. Jul 8th 2015

Chiefs O'Conor and Williamson review ISO ReportChief O'Conor and Mayor Fleisch Accept ISO Report from Mike Morash

July 8, 2015 – This morning, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) announced that Peachtree City was being awarded the highest rating possible for fire protection services, upgrading from a Class 3 to a Class 1.  The community improved its rating from a Class 4 to Class 3 in 2010.  The change in rating could mean savings in insurance premiums for Peachtree City property owners.


ISO evaluates fire protection efforts in cities and districts throughout the country on a scale of 1–10, with 1 being the best.  The ratings are calculated using multiple factors, such as the effectiveness of the Fire Department itself, the water supply system, and the communications center. Traditionally Fayette County’s water and communications systems’ scores have been disproportionately higher than the rating of the fire department.  In 2014, ISO rewrote their scoring system to incorporate factors such as fire safety education, community involvement in fire prevention and actual response statistics -- areas in which the Peachtree City Fire Department has traditionally performed very strongly and is now receiving additional credit toward the rating.


Peachtree City Fire Chief Joe O’Conor said, “There are currently only eleven ISO Class 1 rated communities in Georgia, and only 138 out of 47,000 communities evaluated throughout the United States.”  While O’Conor notes the changes in ISO’s evaluation system will change those figures in the coming year, he added, “We are very proud that Peachtree City has made this list.”


Chief O’Conor emphasized that this rating is a result of a team effort.  “It has taken a tremendous amount of effort on everyone’s part including digitizing years of training records, revising business inspection records, and obtaining accurate data on the City’s hydrant system.”  O’Conor noted that the Fayette County Water System also plays an important role, as does Fayette County Communications, which recently has made a significant capital investment in upgrades to its phone and Computer Aided Dispatch systems.


The 2010 upgrade in the city’s ISO rating resulted in some city residents seeing reductions in their home owner’s insurance premiums. Although a similar reduction is not guaranteed for the Class 1 rating, Chief O’Conor recommended that each home and business property owner discuss this change with their agent.


Michael Morash, a representative from ISO, announced Peachtree City’s new Class 1 rating during a special presentation to the Mayor and members of the City’s Senior Leadership Team at their June 8, 2015 meeting.


O’Conor said, “We have a Department full of outstanding career and volunteer personnel who are dedicated to providing the very best fire and emergency medical services to their community.  Peachtree City’s ISO Class rating is something our entire staff worked hard to achieve, and they will strive to maintain the Class 1 rating for years to come,”


For a copy of the ISO letter to provide to your insurance agency, visit .



You Can Do This!Image result for firefighter


Become A Volunteer Firefighter with Peachtree City Fire Rescue!

Interested in a way to serve your community that is exciting, rewarding and fun? Go to our Volunteer Opportunities page for more information and an application.


The Peachtree City Fire - Rescue Department, as well as all other government entities in Fayette County, utilize a service called “Code Red” to quickly distribute emergency or other important information to our citizens.

This system has proven essential when we need to notify a large number of residents in a very short period of time. We have used the system for missing children, criminal activity in a specific area, hazardous material incidents or weather situations.

When Code Red is used, we record a voice message and then Code Red makes simultaneous calls into the selected area. Calls are only made to phones included in the data base of phone numbers maintained by Code Red. When a person or answering machine answers the call the message is automatically played. We keep the messages brief, providing only the necessary information. The messages are generally less than one minute long.

The system is limited to 'hard wired' phones numbers normally listed in the phone book. If you have an unlisted number or have only a cellular or VOIP internet phone you will not be in the database. It is also possible that if you have moved into Fayette County and your home phone number was transferred from another address you may not receive the message.

If you would like to have your number added to the Code Red database so you are included in these emergency notifications please go to their website and fill out a form to add your information. Code Red Registration

Revised Volunteer Administrative Guidelines published for 2014


2014 Admin Guidelines

 Fire - Rescue Refocusing on Organizational Values






2016 PCVFA Constitution

Approved 2016 PCVFA Constitution and Bylaws, please follow this link:

2016 Constitution and Bylaws


Burn Permits

Statewide burn ban takes effect on May 1st and is in effect through September 30th. For the city's burn permit form, click on this link:

Citizen's Fire Academy

Applications are being accepted for the upcoming Citizen's Fire Academy course.

Donations to PCVFA

If you would like to make a donation please follow our Donate Link below:




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